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Rob Hopkins

What the Transition movement can teach us about how to ‘bounce forward’
May 2020

George Monbiot 

Coronavirus shows us it’s time to rethink everything. Let's start with education
May 2020

Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick

Politics, Trauma and Empathy: Breakthrough to a politics of the heart?
August 2020

James Rebanks

How to save British farming (and the countryside)
September 2020

Richard Heinberg

What if preventing collapse isn't profitable?
Published on 23 September 2020  by Common Dreams.

Neil Kitching - Carbon choices

Scottish author's new book on climate change

Scottish geographer and energy specialist Neil Kitching has sent us a summary of his new book 'Carbon Choices' on the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises.
February 2021

Rob Hopkins 

From What is to What if?

The founder of the international Transition Towns movement asks why true creative, positive thinking is in decline, asserts that it’s more important now than ever, and suggests ways our communities can revive and reclaim it.

(An article from the publisher's website about Rob Hopkins' 2019 book  'From What is to What if?', now newly available in paperback.)

Read the full article, and comments from a number of distinguished figures, including 'doughnut' economist Kate Raworth and climate scientist Michael Mann.

The book is available from Waterstones in paperback (14 January 2021) for £10.99, or in hardback (15 October 2019)  for £19.99.           ISBN: 9781645020295


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