Healthy eating

November 2022

From the Skye Climate Action November newsletter

Eat for the planet - and your health!  

Tim Spector is a doctor who specialised in the study of genetics applied to health and disease.  Having carried out extensive research, he is an expert on diet and the microbiome, ‘the large community of microbes that live in our gut, skin and body’.  In our gut, these microbes plays a vital role in digesting food, regulating our immune systems and tweaking our brain chemistries through the chemicals they produce.  Two articles written by Tim on healthy eating appeared in The Guardian just after our last meeting: The best diet for you and the planet and 18 foods to boost your health.  Key take away: 

"The single most important dietary factor we found for better gut health was the number of different plants we eat weekly, with 30 a week being the optimal number. That might sound like a lot until you realise that this also includes mushrooms, spices, nuts, seeds, herbs and legumes."

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