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December 2020

Conference programme released

We now have the conference programme available for you to see who our amazing speakers are, and how the different days are themed. Sessions are on Monday afternoons from mid-January.  Please spread the word about the conference - the success of it is dependent on energised, passionate people coming together to drive forward actions, that will make a sustainable, local food sector possible by 2030.

We literally have a decade to turn this around, so action now is imperative! 

View and download the programme

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October 2020

Tickets for online conference now on sale

HGFC have announced the dates of the online conference sessions - on five Monday afternoons in January and February 2021 - and tickets are now on sale.

The session dates are 11, 18 and 25 January, and 1 and 8 February, all from 1.00 to 5.00.

Tickets are at three different prices, according to an attendee's income or employment status and whether an organisation or business is paying, and allow access to all five sessions.

£50.00     earning over 25k, or organisation paying
£25.00     self-funding, and earning less than £25k.
£10.00     full-time student or unemployed

More information and ticket sales

Local food - films and discussion with Zev Robinson

Blogs and podcasts

Latest blog posts

15 December
Should every farm operate on a circular economy?
by Josie Fraser
Researcher & Writer for the Highland Good Food Conversation 

4 December 2020
Scottish seaweed - a sustainable superfood
by Josie Fraser,
Researcher & Writer for the Highland Good Food Conversation

Latest podcast     December 2020

How can food policy change in 2021?

2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone, but in this episode we chat to Pete Ritchie from Nourish Scotland, about why he is very hopeful for the future of food in Scotland and across the world; both next year and beyond.

We explore the Farming for 1.5 degrees Inquiry, the implications for COP26 (UN Climate Change Talks) in Glasgow 2021, the probable impact of Brexit, and the Glasgow Food & Climate Declaration, which is truly groundbreaking.

As always feel free to join the conversation and comment on Facebook,  Instagram  or  Twitter,  or  email us.


New Community Food Resources

After making our 'What's Your Food Story' podcast episode, we have pulled together lots of community food resources on our website. How to start a community fridge, what local community food groups are there? And lots more!


Podcast conversations

10. How can food policy change in 2021?
9.   Can we have successful vegetable-growing enterprises in the Highlands?
8.  Can a thriving aquaculture sector support healthy communities?
7.  What Does It Take To Be A New Entrant Farmer in 2020?
6.  Highland retailers in a changing food system
5.  Is local Dairy possible in the Highlands?
4.  What's your food story?  
3.  Taking control of our bread
2.  Is regenerative farming the future?
1.  The role of community food

Blog articles (all)   on HGFC website

13. Should every farm operate on a circular economy?
12. Scottish seaweed - a sustainable superfood
11. Local Farms In Good Hands
10. Online Markets
9.  Climavore: On Tidal Zones
8.  The Ethical Dairy
7.  Our Changing Attitude to Food Growing
6.  What's your Food Story?
5.  Flour to the People    
4.  Ancient Futures for Highland Hills: Reinventing the Shielings
3.  How Did The Highland Good Food Conversation Start?
2.  A Community Food Perspective: The Rise Of The Community Fridge
1.  How Can we Make Local Food Mainstream?


How do we get more local, sustainable food on local dinner plates?


This is the question the Highland Good Food Conversation plans to explore, and then inspire the necessary action.  You are invited to join the conversation and be part of the movement.  Over the last few months we have all witnessed how precarious our food system is, and how during this crisis, it was our local food producers and retailers who passionately rose to the challenge of getting food to us all.  Because of this, there is now a lot of momentum and energy in the local food sector, and many are keen to see a food system that is better for the planet, better for people and better for producers.

To build on this enthusiasm and awareness The Pebble Trust and Transition Black Isle have jointly funded the Highland Good Food Conversation.  This initiative aims to bring people together from across the Highlands who are interested in sustainable local food; to develop a vision for the Highlands and identify key actions to take forward.  The main purpose of the Conversation is to inspire people and facilitate real action to change our food system for the better.

Conversation launch        August 2020

website    https://highlandgoodfood.scot/

email       hello@highlandgoodfood.scot


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Saturday 16 January
10:00 Culbokie outdoor market resumes
Monday 18 January
13:00 Highland Good Food Conference - Session 2
Thursday 21 January
19:30 TBI Admin meeting online 7.30
19:00 Release of 'This Good Earth' documentary
Saturday 23 January
NA      Scotland's Climate Assembly weekend four
Sunday 24 January
NA      Scotland's Climate Assembly weekend four
Monday 25 January
13:00 Highland Good Food Conference - Session 3
Tuesday 26 January
19:30 Economics for Activists 3 - Beth Stratford

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