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February 2023

New Community Growing organiser

Toni Clark, who previously ran our Loch na Mhoid community garden at her croft near Muir of Ord, has been recruited to organise a programme of workshops for community growing groups, named Get Your Community Growing – because the aim is to help groups with technical input for growing, but also to encourage them to link with other community activities/ groups, and indeed community growing groups elsewhere in the Highlands.  All existing groups known to HGFP will be invited.

Toni will also be promoting the TBI Growing Guide – and will use sections of the guide as handouts on the workshops.

February 2023

HGFP newsletter January - February 2023

Probably the most important though not very prominent item in the newsletter is a link to the response made by HGFP to the recent Scottish Government consultation on its proposed new Agriculture Bill, which will be largely concerned with shaping a new structure of financial support for farming and crofting.  The detailed and thoughtful response makes the point that support must not be directed exclusively towards farmers who can demonstrate an improvement in emissions reduction etc. at the expense of those who are already performing well.

Other items include a farewell to Project Officer Josie Fraser, who is going to work with Alex Davies at the Black Isle Brewery's market at Allangrange.  

Read the newsletter


October 2021

HGFP development update

After the great success of phases one and two of the Highland Good Food Conversation, we are now in the process of developing a Highland-wide Food Partnership to support, facilitate and enable the push to a sustainable food system.

We have four thematic groups which will help to move this process forward:  these are Local Food Economy, Education and TrainingHealth and Wellbeing and Community Food. They will help project groups achieve their aims by providing advice, resources and support. The thematic groups also have representatives that attend support group meetings with the HGFP core team to keep everyone updated on projects and ensure a good flow of information.

With these structures now in place, we encourage project groups to come back together to revisit their ideas from the conference, and get in touch with any new project ideas that you have!


March 2021

Highland Good Food Conference Report published

The report is available to view and download as a clearly laid out and very legible PDF file.


The origin - How do we get more local, sustainable food on local dinner plates?

This is the question the Highland Good Food Conversation plans to explore, and then inspire the necessary action.  You are invited to join the conversation and be part of the movement.  Over the last few months we have all witnessed how precarious our food system is, and how during this crisis, it was our local food producers and retailers who passionately rose to the challenge of getting food to us all.  Because of this, there is now a lot of momentum and energy in the local food sector, and many are keen to see a food system that is better for the planet, better for people and better for producers.

To build on this enthusiasm and awareness The Pebble Trust and Transition Black Isle have jointly funded the Highland Good Food Conversation.  This initiative aims to bring people together from across the Highlands who are interested in sustainable local food; to develop a vision for the Highlands and identify key actions to take forward.  The main purpose of the Conversation is to inspire people and facilitate real action to change our food system for the better.

Conversation launch        August 2020

website    https://highlandgoodfood.scot/

email       hello@highlandgoodfood.scot


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