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September 2021

Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Zero Waste Scotland Responsible Consumption Campaign

In September 2021, Zero Waste Scotland launched a new responsible consumption campaign with the message “everything we buy has a carbon cost” to encourage wider awareness of the carbon impacts of what we buy and consume and how this directly impacts climate change.  

The campaign comes as only one-fifth of Scots are fully aware of the negative environmental impacts of buying new products.   

Around 80% of our carbon footprint in Scotland can be directly attributed to the products, services and materials we consume.  About half of these emissions are produced overseas where we import many everyday things from countries that are typically poorer and more polluting than Scotland. 

As our first consumer-facing campaign focused on conscientious consumption, like all of our work, it was informed by environmental evidence and analysis.  

Find out more


 July 2021

Keep Scotland Beautiful waste project

TBI is one of the partners in a waste reduction project co-ordinated by Keep Scotland Beautiful, which has applied for major funding for the project form the Lottery Community fund / Climate Action Fund.

Our recently launched second round of the Climate Action Fund has a clear focus on waste and sustainable consumption. From repair & re-use to food waste, from tackling a culture of consumerism to deep-dives on individual waste streams, we know that a wide range of community-led approaches are already being implemented across the UK in approaching this issue. We’re looking for exemplar projects which demonstrate how communities can work together to tackle the carbon emissions associated with an increasingly wasteful society.

Read a Lottery Community Fund blog on  'Taking climate action by tackling waste and championing sustainable consumption'.

KSB funding bid outline


July 2021

Co-op offer soft plastic recycling

Great news! You can now recycle soft plastics like crisp packets and bread bags at a Co-op near you. It doesn’t matter where you bought them. Just pop your soft plastics into our recycling units and we’ll do the rest. It means we can all do our bit for the environment.

More information at

Co-op stores on or near the Black Isle currently offering this facility ere Fortrose and Beauly.


July 2021

ILM Highland - Local specialist recycling facility

From the Planet Sutherland July 2021 newsletter

This month we're focussing on our good friends at ILM Highland. Here's their story.

ILM Highland is a local independent charity and social enterprise, providing home improvement, electrical recycling and retail services to the Highlands of Scotland.  Our mission is to

  • Reduce waste
  • Protect the environment
  • Support vulnerable people to be at home

Our home improvement services provide free support and assistance to the most vulnerable in our community, enabling them to maintain their independence.  This includes our Care & Repair and Handy-person services available across Ross-shire and Sutherland.  To support these services, we offer an extensive electrical recycling service – to the public and to businesses – as well as running an electrical retail shop online and from our base in Alness selling quality and affordable refurbished and new appliances. We also offer spare parts and repair services for a large number of electrical appliances through our Spares & Repairs service.

ILM has also recently installed electrical recycling containers for small electrical items across Easter Ross and Sutherland, while larger items can be dropped off at our base in Alness or at any of the Highland Council’s household waste recycling centres across the region.  As a social enterprise, we reinvest every penny of profit back into our local community and our ethos remains at the core of what we do – supporting vulnerable people to be at home.  For more information please visit our website at  or call us on 01349 884774. We are also on Facebook.


June 2021

New Changeworks To Good to Waste Bulletin

Welcome to the Summer edition of our Too Good to Waste e-bulletin!

In this edition of our e-bulletin you’ll get a chance to give us some feedback and let us know what you love to hear about! We've also included tips on reducing waste this Summer, information about some great free online workshops as well as opportunities to get involved with zero waste initiatives.      

Read the bulletin


November 2020     Highland Council waste collection

'Bulky items uplift'

Black Isle community Councils have received an email from Councillor Craig Fraser

I saw some social media discussion on fly-tipping at the Fairy Glen and other areas around Highland Region.  Also I needed to get rid of an old mattress the company that is supplying the new mattress would normally take away the old one but due to Covid this service was not available.  So I asked Katrina (waste manager) what the procedure is for a ‘bulky uplift’ and she kindly supplied this link to the relevant section on the Highland Council website.

I would be grateful if you could circulate this link on your websites/social media, hopefully it will make it easier for residents to request a bulky uplift.


July 2020       SCCAN's June 2020 newsletter draws attention to

Community Resources Network Scotland

CRNS is the national membership body for the community reuse and recycling sector.  With over 140 members across 32 Local Authorities, as well as supporting and representing its members, CRNS is also involved in projects and programmes to support the third sector in pursuit of zero waste.  Check out CRNS' new website here:

A sample from the website

We want to see a circular economy in Scotland

The current environmental issues we face demonstrate that we need to find a new way of doing things – we need to move from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Linear Economy
In a linear economy we take virgin materials, make them into ever increasing numbers of consumer products, use them for their useful life and then discard them into landfill.

Circular Economy
In a circular economy we keep products in high value economic use for as long as possible. If someone is finished with a product it is reused by someone else. If a product is broken it is repaired. If a product cannot be reused, then its materials which are also valuable resources are recycled.


April 2020

SCRAPbook coastal rubbish clearance project

Sarah Hartley of the Moray Firth Partnership, has emailed

I am writing to you from the Moray Firth Partnership (MFP).  We are the local coastal partnership for the marine region of the Moray Firth (from Fraserburgh to Wick). Over the last couple of years we have been managing the SCRAPbook project, (Scottish Coastal Rubbish Aerial Photography) and are now bringing our focus back into the Moray Firth. We have recently consulted upon our Vision Statement, which includes the vision for marine litter:-

  • The coastline of the Moray Firth is clear of historic litter, and recurring litter is routinely tackled to reduce its impact on the marine and coastal environment.
  • Education has raised awareness of the issue, leading to communities taking ownership of their own area.

We are currently working on the consultation responses and are looking now to make contact with local groups, communities and individuals to feed into the development of a management strategy.
.    .    .    .    .    .    

Best wishes
Sarah Hartley | Partnership Manager | Moray Firth Partnership
01463 251727 |


November 2019

Keep Scotland Beautiful Waste Minimisation project

Designed pricipally for work in schools, this project / website has a lot of useful links.


September 2019

Food waste reduction initiative on Arran

Among the activities of Arran Eco Savvy, an organisation with objectives similar to those of TBI on an island about the same size as the Black Isle, is a food waste reduction operation run in conjunction with the Co-op Food Share scheme set up by the retailer in 2018. Under the scheme food at its sell-by date is collected from the main island Co-op and made available free through Brodick Food Bank and four other distribution points around the island.

An atticle on the Arran Eco Savvy website says

"This is a nationwide Co-op initiative that enables local charities like ourselves to intercept surplus food before it reaches landfill.  Eco Savvy has entered into this partnership with the Co-op in collaboration with Brodick Food Bank.  This means that on every collection day, the foodbank has first refusal.  So far, there has been far more food than they are able to distribute or preserve in the small time-frame before the use-by or best-before dates hit.  .  .   To avoid food waste, we have created foodshare evenings to allow anyone on Arran to collect food that has imminent expiry dates."

Read more on the Eco Savvy website


Co-op press release on 2018 Food Share launch.


March 2019

Milk dispensers and plastic bottles

Last November we reported on a dairy farm in Aberdeenshire which had installed a milk dispenser / vending machine to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles, and expressed the hope that our local Black Isle Dairy might consider doing the same.  We are glad to report that this has now happened.

Milk dispenser up and running at Black Isle Dairy

Black Isle Dairy has recently installed a milk dispenser in its 'Honesty Shed' at Rootfield Farm, which means that their whole milk is no longer supplied in single use plastic bottles.  Customers can now choose between bringing their own bottles or buying glass bottles for £2.  The machine will dispense either 500ml or 1 litre, and without the expense of the plastic bottles the price has been reduced to 50p and £1 respectively.  Easy to follow instructions are provided, and at the moment payment is by coins only, but a contactless card facility is also due to be installed.

Black Isle Dairy's excellent and very different yogurt and wide range of ice creams are also available in the Honesty Shed, as well as sausages and pork from Black Isle Pork along the road and eggs from Ged Eggs at Meikle Geddes.

Nick Mackenzie, who runs Black Isle Dairy, said of his decision to install the dispenser

  "We decided to install the milk vending machine to allow us to cut down on single use plastic packaging and supply milk in reusable glass bottles without setting up a milk delivery service. It also allows us to provide fresh milk straight from the cows which has been pasteurised but is otherwise unaltered and have direct contact with our customers."  

Nick deserves the thanks of all who are concerned about the environmental damage caused by single-use plastics for this enterprising and welcome innovation.









November 2018

The Restart Project

Mike Thomas of Transition Network has drawn our attention to this organisation, which offers assistance to Transition and  other community groups in setting up their own repair and reuse activities.  Restart says

 "Get support to run a Restart Repair Event

"We’re The Restart Project.  Like you, we know the pace of our consumption has real social and environmental costs.  So, we’re building a network of people who want to do something about the throwaway culture around us by helping people repair stuff.

"We help local groups like yours run community events where people teach each other how to repair their broken stuff – to help them value and use it for longer.  And we use the data and stories we collect to help demand better, more sustainable products for all.

"There are people in your community who already know how to fix things – and others who want to learn.  By bringing them together in a local repair event, you can have an immediate impact on waste in your area, as well as reaching out to local people who might not have come across your Transition group before.

  .   .   .   .   .   .  

"The Restart Project already helps a handful of Transition groups run their own repair events and we can help you too!  Whether you’d like to organise your own Repair Café or electronics-focused Restart Party, we can help you get the ball rolling with how-to guides, event-management tools and personalised advice."

Although this is not obvious from the information in this email, a visit to the Restart website at  makes it clear that their main focus is on the rather specialised area of repairs to electronic devices and small electrical appliances.

TBI has from time to time considered running a more general repair and reuse project.  If you would be interested in helping to run such a project, or have broken stuff you would like help with repairing, please contact us at .



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