Green New Deal

March 2020

Transition Talks - 'Green New Deals'  online discussion 

A lively and interesting  online discussion on the subject of 'A Green New Deal and how can it be implemented'  was held on Wednesday 25 March.  A small group of TBI members reviewed the history of the Green New Deal concept and some of the proposals currently being put forward by political parties and other organisations in the UK and America, and grappled with the problems of how to hold to account councils and governments which have declared climate emergencies, and the impossibility of implementing any serious Green New Deal Plans unless governments can be persuaded to take climate change seriously and undertake the massive national projects and huge expenditure which will be required.

An interesting topical consideration was whether the massive lifestyle changes people are currently prepared to accept in the face of the threat of corona virus might carry over into greater awareness of the need for similar changes in the face of the less immediate but no less serious threat from climate change, or whether the world will revert to 'business as usual' until it is too late.

The 'Zoom' online meeting application used was agreed to have been a success, and will be used for the next TBI directors' meeting to be held next week.

Background information and links to sources were prepared in advance of the meeting, and links to these can be found below.

'The Green New Deal - how can it be achieved?'
'Green New Deals UK-wide and America'
Green New Deal Links


November 2019

Calls for action in 'Green New Deal' proposals

Two separate sets of  'Green New Deal' proposals for Scotland have recently been unveiled. The Scottish Green Party 's campaign was launched by four of their MSPs in August, and the think tank Common Weal's plan  'Our Common Home' was launched in November 2018 and was presented by Director Robin McAlpine at an event in Inverness on 3 December.

Common Weal

CLIMATE EMERGENCY!  We don’t need more targets that won’t be met but A PLAN for URGENT ACTION and HERE IT IS!…

'OUR COMMON HOME' - COMMON WEAL’s Green New Deal for Scotland - The world’s first comprehensive and costed plan to put a Green New Deal into action…NOW!

The plan was launched in November 2019 and presented by Common Weal Director Robin McAlpine at a well-attended event in Inverness on 3 December.   (Watch the video.)

As a follow-up to this event local group InverYESs held a Study for Action Session at the Impact Hub in Inverness on 9 January.  This was attended by a group of about twenty people from various backgrounds and an interesting discussion took place.  A question which was raised but not discussed - far less resolved - was how the very ambitious proposals in the Common Home plan might actually be implemented - a question which refers back to our TBI discussion at Fortrose Cafe last autumn on the topic  'How do we get from here to there?'

We are likely to hear a lot more about the Common Home plan during 2020.

'Common Home' plan overview
Detailed briefing
'Common Home' plan in full  (PDF download, 90 pages)
The Herald 10 November 2019   Martin Williams
Open Demogracy 19 November 2018  Craig Dalzell. 


Scottish Green Party

The Scottish Green New Deal would use every lever available to the Scottish Government to respond to the challenges of outrageous inequality, growing poverty, and the climate emergency with the urgency that is needed.

This means

  • Rebuilding the public sector, providing long-term certainty for the private sector
  • Channelling investment into low-carbon industries to transition energy and manufacturing
  • Regional industrial strategies to target support to those who need it most
  • Green and integrated public transport
  • Restoring the natural environment by reforming land ownership and farming subsidies
  • A housing revolution to ensure warm and affordable homes

Scottish Green co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “We are in a climate emergency and so Scotland needs to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. It is vital we do this in a way which creates thousands of quality jobs and improves people’s lives.

“We need to fundamentally reform our economy so that it serves the people of Scotland and our planet.

“That means the Scottish Government using every power available, including rebuilding a public sector that has been weakened, sold off and made to serve the interests of big business by successive governments.

“It’s time to turn that around so that publicly owned banks, energy companies and other institutions can play a big and direct role in building a green economy, just like happens in many European countries.

“The climate emergency requires an emergency response."

Background to the Green New Deal
Plan launched 30 August 2019
The Plan in detail  (PDF, 24 pages)


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