Pumped storage hydro and rewilding - Two sides of the same sustainability coin?

08 November 2023

There is news of a proposal for the biggest pumped storage Hydro scheme in the UK at Laggan, and an ambitious scheme for the re-wilding of the Dalnacardoch Estate in the Cairngorms.

The pumped storage scheme proposed by Gilkes Energy of Kendal involves the damming of two lochs below Binnein Shuas to make a single larger loch, and of a loch high in the hills above for the upper reservoir.

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A conservation trust based in Jersey said a rewilding project on a huge estate will be its first in Scotland.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said its bold plan for the Dalnacardoch Estate in Perthshire would leave its 18,500 acres "pulsing with life".

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