Highland Council 'Have your Say' consultation results

28 November 2022

This consultation was introduced by Highland Council on 2 August

The Highland Council has launched a community engagement exercise to ask people's views on how they would like to see area-based funding being prioritised and which types of community projects they would like developed in their local area.

The Council is responsible for the delivery of several external funding streams and, as part of its commitment to localism, where possible these funds are devolved to area committee level.
(Highland Council website news)

The results of this exercise have now been published as PDF files downloadable from the 'Engage Highland' website, divided by council ward.  Scroll down and click the image for the Black Isle, then look for the download link for the results.  You can also view an 'Ideas board', where local people have flagged up projects they would like to see funded on the Black Isle. 

175 responses to the consultation were received from the Black Isle, and the results are displayed as bar charts showing the priority respondents would assign to spending on a range of projects grouped under four 'themes' of People, Place, Economy and Environment.

Presumably the results of this exercise will feed into the drawing up of a Black Isle 'Place Plan'* by the Black Isle Partnership, and also, in the longer term, into the formulation of the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan* within the newly-revised National Planning Framework 4.

* For information about these plans see  Environment / Planning


We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.