New Film release - This Good Earth

20 January 2021

a 92 minute documentary by award-winning film-maker Robert Golden, much of it shot in his adopted home county of Dorset.

With increasing damage to ecosystems, destruction from global warming and growing mental and physical distress to millions of people we need to understand who is in the way of change, and how it all fits together.

'This Good Earth' provides a beautiful, emotional and unifying view into the relationship between political failure, and the long corporate food chain of power, the rise of obesity, non-communicative diseases and early deaths, the denial of basic human rights, species extinction, soil and landscape destruction and global warming.

It’s a hard hitting story told by bakers, farmers, doctors, scientists, health officials and leading experts on food security, human rights and justice.

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The film can be rented for £4.99 , for viewing by groups of up to 19 people for 72 hours.  Other licenses are available for larger groups.

Robert Golden writes about the film

"This film is an embrace of knowledge and of the earth, which holds something in common for many who suffer from a sense of loss of home and place. It is an embrace that holds within it, admiration, sweetness and a kind of love that allows us to lose ourselves in the splendour of other people and other living things.

"We know what the barbarians are doing day-by-day, because we see the melting poles, the raging fires, the hungry children, the people who have salvaged only their memories from their washed away lives. We know the barbarians are now inside the castle’s keep, and that next the books and films will be burned because they are custodians of all that is fine within humanity, all that instructs, embraces and offers hope, and all that must be erased for the barbarians to increase their wealth and hold on their terrifying power for as long as this earth and we will allow.

"This film is about the reality of global warming, impoverished diets and rising hunger, disease and deaths, and also about loving and conversely about insisting that the only way to maintain one’s dignity and humanity is to resist, but also to turn away from their impervious brutal order and to build a new and better alternative."


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