Scotland's Climate Assembly weekend three 9 & 10 January

14 January 2021

Weekend three    9 & 10 January

Weekend Three of Scotland's Climate Assembly, and the first of our meetings in 2021, took place on the 9th and 10th January.  Weekends 3 and 4 will divide their deliberations over three streams: Work & Travel, Home & Communities and Diet & Lifestyle. This third weekend addressed diverse issues under the broad themes of Homes, Travel and Diet & Land use

In the first session of the weekend, the full cohort of Assembly members gathered to think about how change happens and who drives it.

For the rest of the weekend, members divided into their streams and spent the weekend in these groups considering evidence. In each stream they heard from informants who presented an overview of the central challenge. This was followed by a number of advocates who presented their preferred policy options to address the challenge, either in their own view or the view of the organisation they represented. 

Videos of all presentations made during this and previous meetings are available on the Assembly's YouTube channel  or  website   or via the links available, with more information, at  Climate change / Scotland's Climate Assembly .


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