North Kessock Community Larder opens

14 September 2020

Following the success of MOO Food's community fridge and the opening of a community larder in Munlochy, the Residents Association of North Kessock (RANK) has opened a community larder in North Kessock.

Anne Thomas, Chair of RANK and a director of TBI, writes

We're very pleased to announce that our North Kessock Larder is now open in the garden shed at the back corner of the church car park. The church has cleared this out and allowed us to use it for the moment. A permanent shed is on order which will be sited in a more sheltered corner against the back wall of the church opposite the school entrance and behind the surgery. We're very grateful to the church for this.

As you may have gathered previously the aim of this is to both reduce food waste and provide for those who may be struggling at this time particularly with the end of the furlough scheme.

Once the permanent shed is installed we should be able to wire in the fridge which was previously donated but currently we can only accept dry groceries and fruit and vegetables. The Munlochy larder has been going for some time now and seems to have about 50/50 bought and locally donated goods. 

It will be open to all and available 24/7. A poster is attached.
.  .  .
We're very grateful to HIE via the Black Isle Partnership for £3125 funding to get the larder set up and supply it for the next few months.  The grant specified trying to use local suppliers where possible.

Local suppliers are going to be

  • Costcutter North Kessock
  • Black Isle Berries
  • Black Isle Veg Boxes
  • Macleod Organics
  • Black Isle Turkeys (veg)
  • Highland Wholefoods
  • Westerblairtua (eggs)
  • For the Right Reasons (fliers)
  • Stables and Sheds
  • White Cottage

We've also bought some supermarket stock and have a further voucher to provide the range needed at a reasonable price. 

Please let your neighbours know.

Much of the credit for bringing this project to fruition is due to Anne, for initiating and driving it, securing a site and obtaining the necessary funding.

The larder is there for everyone, so don't be shy about donating or taking some of what's on offer - please use it!


Download the flier   and pass it around.











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