Ferintosh CC community bus consultation

06 September 2020

Bruce Morrison, Ferintosh Community Council Secretary, writes

Attached is a consultation paper on what we hope you will think is an interesting new way of providing access for you to public and community bus transport for those living in our FCC area.  We're reviewing your feedback at the FCC monthly meeting a week on Monday (21st September).

A summary of the document is below

Residents of the Ferintosh Community Council (FCC) area, if supportive, will be able to trial a new public and community bus service model. If the trial over 16 months is successful, then the service will provide the possibility of journeys on all seven days and evenings as guided by the requests and needs of residents. ‘Door to door’ journeys on request will be possible. Journeys that link into all the A835 /A9 mainline commercial bus services will be possible. More efficient use of a smaller electric vehicle will be possible. Lower running costs securing more certainty for existing limited services will be possible.

The consultation paper goes into more detail of the model enabling FCC to ask residents their initial views of this approach (please complete the short questionnaire at the end). FCC is seeking views in time for its monthly meeting at 7pm on Monday 21st September 2020. If residents are broadly supportive, then a more detailed consultation with journeys and timetabling, fare and communication logistics and responses to initial queries will take place within a month. If residents’ feedback is broadly positive from that second consultation then Stage 1 of this pilot will go ahead. A Stage 2 of the pilot is envisaged and will be the subject of a later consultation.

Read the consultation paper    .PDF    .DOC

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