Greenpeace celebrates climate change successes

16 May 2020

North sea drilling permits declared illegal

Greenpeace have won an interim victory in their campaign against new oil drilling by BP in the North Sea.  In August 2018 the government granted BP permission to drill for new oil and gas in the Vorlich field, and in June 2019 Greenpeace activists boarded the drilling rig to prevent it moving to the drilling site.  BP's legal response to this left Greenpeace UK Executive Director John Sauven liable to a prison sentence, but Greenpeace's own legal challenge to the company has resulted in the government's granting of the drilling licence being declared illegal because the permits were not published for public scrutiny.  A further stage in the legal process, postponed owing to the Covid-19 crisis, could result in the drilling permits being cancelled altogether.

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South Korean government elected on Green New Deal platform

In March, in the midst of its coronavirus response, the South Korea's ruling Democratic Party announced plans for a Green New Deal – with the core goal of making the country carbon neutral  by 2050.   With this policy as the core of its manifesto the party won a landslide victory in a general election in mid April.

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