Nairn community group supports individual projects as group events cancelled

26 April 2020

Nairn River Enterprise and Green Hive

In the context of plans for community action on the Black Isle in relation to the Coronavirus crisis, Martin Sherring has drawn attention to how this community group in Nairn is responding to the lockdown by distributing 'starter kits' for practical indoorand outdoor individual activities.  Martin writes

Here’s something from Nairn which seems relevant – a tactical change in the Green Hive’s activities, moving away from group events into supported individual activities. I think this is something that could be a real benefit in social distancing times, letting people do things individually but still feel part of a bigger network.

A recent post on the Green Hive website

Happy Earth Day!                    (Earth Day was 22 February)

As a local charity focusing on the community and enviroment, we want to do our bit to help you connect to people safely and enjoy fun activities with an enviromental focus.

Earth day is the perfect day to make a choice to live more sustainably – join us to make 2020 the year for championing creativity and positivity in the face of adversity.

Check out this group with similar aims and activities to TBI's  at

Nairn Viewfield Community Orchard
Litter picking at Nairn beach


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