Successful 'Green New Deals' online discussion Wednesday

22 March 2020

A lively and interesting  online discussion on the subject of 'A Green New Deal and how can it be implemented'  was held on Wednesday evening.  A small group of TBI members reviewed the history of the Green New Deal concept and some of the proposals currently being put forward by political parties and other organisations in the UK and America, and grappled with the problems of how to hold to account councils and governments which have declared climate emergencies, and the impossibility of implementing any serious Green New Deal Plans unless governments can be persuaded to take climate change seriously and undertake the massive national projects and huge expenditure which will be required.

An interesting topical consideration was whether the massive lifestyle changes people are currently prepared to accept in the face of the threat of corona virus might carry over into greater awareness of the need for similar changes in the face of the less immediate but no less serious threat from  climate change, or whether the world will revert to 'business as usual' until it is too late.

The 'Zoom' online meeting application used was agreed to have been a success, and will be used for the next TBI directors' meeting to be held next week.

Background information and links to sources were prepared in advance of the meeting, and links to these can be found at Climate Change / Green New Deal.


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