TBI Website Produce Exchange now open

26 October 2018


We have set up a new Produce Exchange on the website, to help people who have more garden produce than they can use to contact others who would be glad to make use of it, and prevent it going to waste or the compost heap.


The exchange operates in a similar way to the existing method used for sharing recipes on the Food & Growing page, through the website forum.  Anyone with produce to offer will submit a post in the Food Group / Produce Exchange forum, with a description of the produce and their contact details, and their offer will then appear in a listings page at Food & Growing / Produce Exchange.  Anyone interested in taking the produce will click on the item in the list on this page to see the details, and may then contact the offerer directly to arrange collection or delivery.

When all the produce in a list item is taken, the offerer will post a "taken" reply to their original offer post.  Subsequent access to the item in the list will show "taken" on the detail page, and thereafter the item will be marked as taken in the listing.

There are instructions about the Exchange procedures, including registering as a forum user, in the first thread in the Food Group / Produce Exchange forum (under 'Announcements'), which is accessible by a link at the top of the Food & Growing / Produce Exchange page, or as a permanent first item in the listing.

We hope you will find the Produce Exchange a useful facility, and use it.  It goes without saying that now is not the obvious time of year to be launching it, but we hope that doing so now will allow those interested to get used to the procedures so that they are able make full use of it next season.

Feel free to submit an item as a test, as long as it is clearly identified as such.

Here is a link to the Food & Growing / Produce Exchange page.


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