Black Isle Cares Meals on Wheels looking to expand

25 August 2018

Bruce Morrison, Secretary of Ferintosh Community Council, has circulated this message from Black Isle Cares Meals on Wheels organiser Lesley Bowman

"BlackIsle Cares Meals on Wheels are now providing nutritious two course meals to the Culbokie area.  Volunteers deliver your meal and will heat and serve to you if required.  Meals on Wheels are currently available on Tuesdays, however as the scheme grows, further days may be available.  Please call Lesley Bowman on 07702 557535 for further details."  

Bruce writes

"FCC has been supporting the expansion of the tremendous efforts of Black Isle Cares to spread the Meals on Wheels service into our FCC area. The last publicity was to see if we could find volunteer deliverers and I'm delighted to report that 5 volunteers in the Culbokie area came forward and are satisfying the current demand in the Culbokie area.

This new effort by Black Isle Cares (BIC) is now to find out if there are more residents in the Culbokie area who would like to receive these meals. So if you know of anyone that would appreciate both the meals and the social contact from the deliverers then please contact Lesley Bowman.

We would also like to extend the service throughout the FCC area, particularly towards the Easter Kinkell /Alcaig /Mulbuie areas. In those areas, BIC would not only like to know of residents who would welcome the service but also volunteers to provide the service. Again, please contact Lesley Bowman.

I've always been impressed by the voluntary professionalism of those involved in Black Isle Cares and hope that you can help to support their strong community efforts".


We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.