Dingwall Food Assembly Update

09 March 2018

Assembly organiser Emma Whitham has provided the following news update on the Dingwall Food Assembly

"The Dingwall Food Assembly is going from strength to strength, we have been ‘open’ for over 4 months and have average weekly sales in excess of £1000.  It is incredible to think this translates to over £18,000 being spent in local economy. 

"Our product range is increasing all the time and customers are happy with the offer, however, there is always potential for growth, so if anyone would like to join our Assembly as a producer then please do get in touch.  The more the merrier! 

"We are approaching 500 registered customers, so the word is spreading.  We hope to entice as many of these customers as possible to place an order and are keen to hear ideas of how we can make our offer as appealing as possible.  Please do get in touch via our Facebook page or email Emma at  dingwallfoodassembly@gmail.com

"Shopping local is an essential part of a sustainable food system and supporting our local producers not only benefits our local economy and reduces our food miles, it is also super fresh and tasty and increases our resilience.  The Dingwall Food Assembly is keen to promote the wider development of local food network and support local producers as much as possible. 

"We are exceptionally lucky to have the support of Dingwall Academy, the school is visionary and innovative using the platform of the Assembly to help bring the curriculum alive.  For example,the HFT department have been teaching their students about local, seasonal food and have bought ingredients from the Assembly to make meals in class. The message is spreading which is amazing."

Emma Whitham

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