More harsh verdicts on COP26

02 November 2021

The Ecologist post-COP newsletter has some negative views

But the day after the COP we face a question. If we cannot make the leaders of the world act, what do we do?  
A hard-hitting denunciation of the failure of COP26, written as it began
Jonathan Neale   1 November 2021

A farewell to Copitalism
Brendan Montagu, Editor,  12 November 2021

'COP is just a theatre run by capitalists'   Teenage activists put their views
Brendan Montagu   10 November 2021

There seems to be a partial concensus that COP26 was not quite as bad a failure as it might have been.  Here are some views

. . the goal of 1.5C of climate heating is alive, but only just
The Guardian  Saturday 13 November 2021
Fiona Harvey, Damian Carrington and Libby Brooks

. . neither a triumph nor a trainwreck
The Economist  Saturday 13 November 2021

. . only one last hope for our survival
George Monbiot  The Guardian  14 November 2021

Views from around the world 
The Guardian  13 November 2021

Raise the bar
Guardian editorial  10 November 2021  (before the end)

Greta's view
BBC Scotland News  November 2021

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland
press release 13 November 2021




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