Greta addresses huge crowd at Bristol climate strike

28 February 2020

Greta Thunberg has warned world leaders she will "not be silenced when the world is on fire".

BBC News 28 February 2020

The teenager was welcomed by chants of "Greta, Greta" as she addressed some 15,000 people at the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate  event.

She accused politicians of ignoring the climate emergency and "sweeping their mess under the rug".

"We are the change, and change is coming whether you like it or not," the Swedish environmentalist said.

Greta was speaking at the climate strike event on College Green, before leading the march through the city.

"Activism works so I'm telling you to act," she said. "We are being betrayed by those in power."

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Guardian report      Stephen Morris   28 February 2020

Video of Greta's speech

The crowd at the Bristol climate strike

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