COP 26 President sacked

04 February 2020

Claire O'Neill, the former minister initially chosen by Boris Johnson to lead the UK's preparations for the COP 26 climate conference to be held in Glasgow in November, was sacked last Friday, apparently in a phone call from Dominic Cummings.

In an article in The Times headed 'Even friends believe Claire Perry O’Neill had to go', an unnamed source at a meeting of  'senior figures in green groups' is quoted as saying

“She must be replaced by a senior minister with a track record on the environment and a direct line to Boris.  Michael Gove is the obvious choice.”

Image - The Times

The Guardian  4 February 2020  Rowena Mason and Fiona Harvey
"Boris Johnson doesn't get Climate Change" Claire O'Neill

On 3 February O'Neill sent a long letter to the Prime Minister justifying her position.

On 4 February The Guardian published  a detailed critical analysis of O'Neill's letter

The Guardian  4 February  Fiona Harvey
"Claire O’Neill’s letter to Boris Johnson – what it really means"




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