Extinction Rebellion on Trial

18 January 2020

In the London Review of Books blog on 16 January, Lorna Scott Fox writes about the trials of Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested durring the April and October demonstrations in London, which have received little publicity.

"Since last September, Monday to Friday, City of London Magistrates’ Court has been filled by Extinction Rebellion defendants from around the country. XR court supporters are on hand with vegan snacks, hugs and advice, within limits. We’re not legally trained but we’re learning, recording arguments and outcomes, watching for patterns. It’s gumming up the system: the trials, single or in batches, may occupy all three courtrooms all day. At the end, the district judge typically commends the defendants for their high-minded unselfishness (a pleasant change, one said, from the usual lot), expresses personal sympathy with their concerns – and finds them guilty as charged."
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"Does anyone really think that stopping traffic for the sake of a future should be a crime?"

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