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September 2020 - February 2021

Transition: Bounce Forward

In true Transition form, Transition Network's vision is not to ‘bounce back’ to how things were before the Covid-19 pandemic. So instead of bouncing back, Transition Network invites you to join and bounce forward.

'What Next?' is an online summit being developed with CTRLshift that will bring all this thinking together.  We will join with others from outside of the Transition movement to explore how we can advocate for wider and ambitious societal changes towards a just recovery, and make our visions our reality  (3 - 20 March 2021).

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June 2020

More information and resources

Rob Hopkins' blog  'How to Bounce Forward' out of the Covid-19 crisis (recently featured on our Home page).

Reflections on Covid-19 and the Transition movement by members of the Transition Network team
"We’re not all in the same boat, but we are experiencing the same storm."

Links to the Build Back Better campaign hosted by Green New Deal UK  " .  .  The campaign for a post coronavirus future where we put people and planet first."

Centre for alternative technology
Explore sustainable solutions from your home or garden with online resources from CAT.


The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

Getting Transition started in your street, community, town or organisation.

By the Transition Network team    2016.

What you need to know about Transition.  Unlike its predecessor 'The Transition Handbook' Originally published in 2008, this new guide is not published in book form,  but only as a 64 page downloadable PDF document.


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