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December 2022

New Year training now open

Our much anticipated new training programmes kick off in January - the perfect time for new beginnings.  These online, interactive sessions are designed for Transition groups, drawing on years of shared experience within and beyond the movement.

Our one-day Launch workshop on Saturday 21 January is for new groups or those in the process of forming one.

Meanwhile Thrive is a series of six short workshops for existing groups, on Monday evenings from 13 February. Ideal for groups wanting to become stronger, reach new people, grow in confidence or explore new ideas and projects. 

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July 2022

Transition Network launch Seed Funding 

Great news! Our much-anticipated Seed Funding Programme for Transition Groups is now LIVE! Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, £160,000 in small grants will help Transition groups build capacity, increase impact in your local community or explore something that would otherwise be impossible. Grants range from £100 up to £10,000 and applications are open until 31st October. Find out more about the funding and the harvests gathered from the 111 grants last time here.

To help you explore the possibilities for your group, on 21 September we’ll host a Blizzard of Stories Seed Funding Special to inspire you with the stories of what groups did last time. This will be followed on 13 October by an FAQ Webinar to answer all your questions on eligibility and how to apply. We’re giving you advanced notice of the dates now, and will share details for joining in our next newsletter. In the meantime, check out our websiteFacebook and Twitter for regular seed funding stories - maybe one will sow a seed for change in your place! 


This item was included in the Transition Network July/August newsletter, which includes information about training available to Transition groups and a new body convened to consider the future of the Transition movement.


'Together We Can' summit  11-21 May 2022

The 2022 Transition summit saw a week and a half of online events on a wide range of environmental, social and political topics, followed by a week of 'Open Space' events put on by summit participants rather than the organisers.  Organisation and communication for the event were excellent, and most of the sessions were recorded.  

An overview of the programme was provided in a compact PDF document, and more detailed programmes issued in sequence by email.

Wednesday 11 - Friday 13 May
Friday 13 - Saturday 14 May
Monday 16 - Thursday 19 May
Friday 20 - Saturday 21 May

Follow-up - Open Space  23-28 May

Playlist of recordings of most events

TBI Trustee Martin Sherring gave the first five-minute talk, about the Highland Good Food Conversation, in the opening 'Blizzard of Stories' event.  Martin's five-minutes-worth is 19 minutes into the 'Blizzard of Stories' recording, after the general introductions.


March 2022

Latest Transition Together newsletter

Transition Network  website
Rob Hopkins'  'What if to what next' podcasts
Rob Hopkins' blog on


November 2021

Transition Network launches 'Transition Together'

Transition Network, the UK's umbrella organisation for Transition groups, has received nearly £6m from the Lottery Fund for a new project called 'Transition Together'.  

This is very substantial funding, but at the moment there is only very general information about what the project will involve.  We will post further information when it becomes available.

This is part of an article by Transition Network's Rhiannon Colvin

Today we are excited to launch Transition Together, a new project to help build more resilient, empowered and sustainable communities across Britain from the ground up. 

As the dust settles after COP26, never has change been so urgent and necessary. We are inspired by activists across the climate movement who took a stand for a just and inclusive transition. From the young people who took to the streets and social media, to the COP26 Coalition who drew people together across the world, to the radical ideas for change and the marginalised voices refusing to be ignored.

The last fortnight has not made us more optimistic or more pessimistic, but more determined. More determined to go back to our local communities and start building our power, strength and capacity to change our future. To build the more equal and sustainable towns, cities and countries that our hearts are longing for. In the words of Ben Brangwyn co-founder of the Transition movement: 

“If we wait for governments, it will be too late. If we act as individuals, it will be too little. But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time.” 

Read the full article

December 2021 newsletter

More information and links

Transition Together website


November 2021

'COP26 and beyond' newsletter

In addition to COP26 news and views and other events and funding information, the newsletter includes a link to an interesting Localisation Action Guide

"How can I meet my needs at a more local level?" Well, here are 146 ideas for you! It's great to see Transition Network featured in this brilliant guide created by Local Futures on how to build resilient local economies and flourishing local communities.

More on the localisation guide


July 2021

Growing Great Ideas - New Funding Announcement

We are excited to announce that Transition Network has received funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to develop, deepen and grow the capacity and impact of Transition groups and movement across Great Britain over the next 10 years.This type of long term funding will be hugely beneficial to our movement and means the work our team started through Transition Bounce Forward will be able to continue and upscale. For Transition groups based in Britain this means access to regular seed funding opportunuties, training, events, peer support and more. It also means we can develop partnerships with lots of interesting organisations across the country and play a key role in building more sustainable and socially just communities across Britain.We hope you are as excited as we are. We will be launching with a new name and website in September - so watch this space!

Find out more here

Newsletter in full


May 2021

Transition What next? Summit    March 2021

This very successful series of events was held online over three weeks in March.  The organisers write

Thank you to all of you who joined us and participated to make the What Next? Summit such a wonderful event. 2,000 community activists came together across 3 weeks, to listen to over 70 speakers and take part in a mesmerising multiplicity of conversations about positive changes in our communities. Thank you.

If you missed the Summit, don’t worry, Rob Hopkins has written a round up of the key moments and reflections here. We also recorded most of the sessions, so that you can watch them again, or enjoy them for the first time. Watch the What Next? Summit sessions on our YouTube playlist here.


June 2020

More information and resources

Rob Hopkins' blog  'How to Bounce Forward' out of the Covid-19 crisis (recently featured on our Home page).

Reflections on Covid-19 and the Transition movement by members of the Transition Network team
"We’re not all in the same boat, but we are experiencing the same storm."

Links to the Build Back Better campaign hosted by Green New Deal UK  " .  .  The campaign for a post coronavirus future where we put people and planet first."

Centre for alternative technology
Explore sustainable solutions from your home or garden with online resources from CAT.


The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

Getting Transition started in your street, community, town or organisation.

By the Transition Network team    2016.

What you need to know about Transition.  Unlike its predecessor 'The Transition Handbook' Originally published in 2008, this new guide is not published in book form,  but only as a 64 page downloadable PDF document.


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