Solomans Seal

Added by maggie dove on 4 April 2011
I tried Solomans Seal for the first time yesterday !
Solomans Seal, Polygonatum spp , is recommended as edible by Martin Crawford in his book Forest Gardening.
He recommends cutting the young shoots at 8-12" in height down at ground level. then to cook briefly.
I steamed these in a small amount of water for about 5mins. The top leafy bit is as he suggests "bitter" and best discarded. However the stalk is excellent, not as good as asparagus but not far off.
I am going to experiment with stir frying , could be good with scrambled egg.
I might also try banching by covering with a bucket next year to see if the leaf bud is less bitter, and will also try cutting shorter shoots.
Let me know if you try it how you get on ?


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