Lockdown Resourcefulness - share your experiences

15 August 2020

Has lockdown made you or your community more resourceful?

TBI director and Drastic Plastic organiser Penny Hepburn writes

Lockdown has created a reduced availability of certain items and many services.  In addition, it has curtailed our various face to face wellbeing, social and educational activities and for some, this has led to feeling a sense of isolation.  On the other hand, it’s also been a chance for resourceful creativity, new opportunities, innovation, readjustment, reassessment, new friendships and an enforced change of old habits.  All of which contribute to building a stronger resilience, both as individuals and collectively within our communities.

If you would like to share how through resourcefulness, you or your community have been able to overcome some of the issues arising from lockdown, then we’d love to hear about it - from recipe and household substitutes, growing and DIY tips, neighbourhood lending, swapping, sharing, shopping, collecting and befriending schemes, using local resources, upcycling, entertainment through to health and alternative ways of keeping fit.  Send us a brief description and photo for inclusion in the newsletter and the TBI website, in an email with the subject 'lockdown resourcefulness'  to


Penny Hepburn.


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