TBI signs 'Just & Green Recovery' letter to FM, and responds to Scottish Government recovery consultation

04 June 2020

TBI has added our signature to a letter to first Minister Nicola Sturgeon, organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland and supported by Transition Scotland.  The letter asks for a meeting with her to urge the importance of taking the opportunity which will be offered by the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis to build a juster and greener society in Scotland, rather than just returning to 'business as usual'

"The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare how inequality is lethal to human life, but it has also shone a light on acts of solidarity and cooperation and centred the vital role of public services, key workers and unpaid carers. Amidst a global threat to human rights and democracy, this crisis has also brought forward the possibility of an economic revival that ensures resilience to future crises, including the climate emergency.

"The recovery from Coronavirus is a rare chance to markedly accelerate the repurposing of government away from the prioritisation of economic growth and towards goals of wellbeing and sustainability, ending inequality and environmental destruction. This is a time for system change."

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List of signatory organisations

SG Advisory Group on Economic Recovery consultation

"The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery has been established by the Scottish Government to provide independent expert advice on supporting the sectors and regions of Scotland's economy to recover from the impact of Covid-19 .   .   .  the Advisory Group wants to hear your views on the current context and the interventions that will make the most positive difference to Scotland’s economic recovery in order to inform their recommendations"

TBI director Julian Paren has submitted a very full response to the consultation questionnaire on behalf of TBI.

Read Julian's response


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