Skye Climate Action - Kelp crofting online talk

24 November 2022, Starts: 19:30

Thursday 24 November     7.30      online

Skye Climate Action says

Offshore rope grown seaweed farming has the potential to be a sustainable way to produce food and other products whilst creating habitats for marine life and acting as a carbon sink. 

Dr Kyla Orr says, "KelpCrofting was founded in 2020 by three locals from the Skye and Lochalsh area, who saw a need to diversify rural employment opportunities amid economic struggles of COVID and Brexit.  After many months of careful site selection, consultation and licensing, Kyla, Martin and Alex worked together to setup a kelp farm just off Pabay, opposite Broadford, which was installed in 2021. 

The first few years have been about learning how to seed, grow and harvest kelp, and now they are starting to work on processing and product development.  As with any new industry, there are many challenges and opportunities, so join us in this talk to find out about KelpCroftings journey so far, and what exactly kelp farming involves."

Contact for the zoom link.


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