Transition Network

February 2018

Transition Network's Organisational Purpose - ideas wanted

Staff and trustees of Transition Network have been exploring what Transition Network’s organisational purpose should now be.  We’re sharing the current stage of discussions with you here, because we welcome feedback, comments and responses to help us shape this.

In October and November 2017, we asked people involved in the Transition movement about their experiences, where they see potential, what is challenging for their group or Hub.

We heard many aspects where support around the network could help Transition groups.  For example, on community engagement, communications, inner Transition, healthy groups and practical projects.

Many Transitioners gave thoughtful feedback about the difficulty of creating a sustainable future while living in the current, highly consumerist, system. They gave ideas of ways Transition could step up to the challenges, for example by convening and bringing together different groups and partnerships, bringing more financial resources to Transition, working innovatively with municipalities, engaging with more diverse sectors of the population and using our international connectedness better.

Allied with the survey conclusions, these are some of the key areas of our current discussions about what Transition Network’s organisational purpose should be:

  • Supporting the Transition movement
  • Cross-fertilisation and challenge
  • Telling the Transition story and making Transition more visible
  • Disruptive inclusion – a quality, or an approach, of our work

We would like your feedback, before 22nd February, to help us develop these discussions towards a new organisational purpose. Please let us know your feedback about any (or all) key areas of our current discussions – and any additional comments you have.

You can feedback in two ways:

By leaving comments on our website (note: you will need to login/register to leave a comment).  One benefit of responding using this approach is that you will be able to see what others are saying – and be able to respond to their comments.

By replying directly to us using this online comment form.


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