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June 2017  -  Latest timetables

Stagecoach and D&E have both pruduced updated timetables this month, Stagecoach effective from 12 June and D&E (some services only) from 5 June.

See the notes below on the April timetables for notes on the main changes introduced at that time.  The main change since then is the re-timing of the D&E morning Cromarty-Dingwall 405 service, in order to connect with the Stagecoach 07.29 Invergordon-Inverness 25U service at Duncanston crossroads.  Click here for a summary of these connecting services.

All updated Stagecoach Black Isle timetables from 12 June are published as a single document, available as a pdf download or as a printed booklet from Inverness Bus Station or from drivers on the buses.

The following D&E services have been updated from 5 June.  Click on the service number to download the timetable.  All D&E services for the Black Isle and Inverness can be found at  http://www.decoaches.co.uk/timetables/ , and services introduced or changed in April at 'April 2017 - new timetables . .' below.

405     Inverness - Cromarty - Culbokie - Dingwall

420     Inverness – North Kessock -Tore – Fortrose Academy
            (Mon – Fri School Days Only)  

421     Fortrose Academy – Rosemarkie – Avoch Primary – Inverness
            (Mon – Fri School Days Only)

424     Inverness – Cromarty – Fortrose Academy (Mon – Fri School Days Only)

425     Inverness – St. Martins Crossroads – Jemimaville – Fortrose Academy
            (Mon – Fri School Days Only)


TBI and Public Meeting response to April 2017 timetable changes

The commuter bus service from Culbokie to Inverness provided by the diversion of some morning and evening Inverness-Tain 25X and 25U services through the village, is set to end shortly.

In response to this and other changes to Black Isle bus services due to come into effect on 24 April, TBI Convenor Martin Sherring wrote to Highland Council's Transport Devrlopment Officer to protest about the cuts on behalf of TBI, and the Culbokie Action Group called a public meeting in Culbokie on 20 April.  Representatives from Highland Council and D&E Coaches were present, but the intended representative from Stagecoach was unable to attend owing to illness.

Read Martin's letter to David Summers.

There was a positive outcome to the public meeting in the form of a proposal from D&E Coaches that it might be possible to provide an indirect commuter service by using D&E's new 405 Dingwall – Cromarty service to connect with the 25X at Duncanston crossroads.  It appeared that a connection could be made with existing timings in the evening and this service could therefore start on 24 April, but that the first morning service leaving Cromarty at 07.37 would need to be re-timed slightly later, and it might take up to four weeks for this change to a contracted service to be authorised.  D&E  and Highland Council would discuss urgently the action necessary to bring this service into being.  D&E also offered to provide an additional bus to connect with the 25U to the UHI campus, for the benefit of students, but this may not be necessary if the re-timed Cromarty – Dingwall service connects with the 25U anyway.


More details on the changes originally proposed from 24 April are given below.

April 2017  -  New timetables again

Timetable changes proposed by Stagecoach, with minimal consultation, in February, are due to come into effect on 24 April.

The main changes are that Culbokie loses the commuter service which was provided by the diversion of some Inverness – Tain services through the village, Stagecoach 21 and 22 services are taken over by D&E Coaches, and the 26 service from Fortrose to Inverness is reduced.

Services 25X and 25U  Inverness - Tain
These services will no longer run via Culbokie at morning and evening times which provided a commuter service between Culbokie and Inverness, which will no longer be available.

Previous service 21 Dingwall – Cromarty
Stagecoach service 21 becomes D&E service 405Download timetable.
Instead of the 'demand responsive' service offered by Stagecoach, under which the routes of some buses could be altered by prior demand, the 12.05 and 14.05 departures from Dingwall and the 09.25 and 13.10 from Cromarty will run via Resolis and Culbokie on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and via Fortrose, Munlochy and Tore on Tuesday and Thursday.  Afternoon services to Culbokie and Resolis seem largely unchanged, with variations for school holidays.  A new early and late service is introduced from Inverness to Cromarty at 06.45 and Cromarty to Inverness at 18.40.
This is not an easy timetable to understand.

Previous service 22 Inverness – Culbokie
Stagecoach service 22 becomes D&E service 408.  Download timetable.
This service is similar to 22, but late afternoon departures from Inverness at 17.40 and Culbokie at 18.10 have been dropped.

D&E service 408A  Culbokie–Resolis School  schooldays only.  Download timetable.

Service 26 Inverness – Cromarty
The main change here is that Stagecoach have dropped the additional half-hourly service from Fortrose, reducing to an hourly service over the whole route.  The 20.24 departure from Inverness is re-timed to 20.20, which increases the likely difficulty of connecting with the London train, and the 23.24 departure is dropped.
This is replaced by D&E service 410 at the same time.  Download timetable.

All new Stagecoach Black Isle timetables from 24 April are published as a single document, available as a pdf download or as a printed booklet from Inverness Bus Station or from drivers on the buses.


January  2017  -  New timetables introduced

Stagecoach has introduced new timetables for Black Isle and linking bus services, largely as proposed in November, from 9 January.  They seem to have discontinued the publication, at least online, of separate timetables for individual services, and have instead issued a new 'Black Isle Travel Guide' contailing the timetables for all routes.

You can view and download the leaflet as a .pdf file  here.

November 2016 - Proposed timetable changes

We have been alerted by the chair of Ferintosh Community Council to the fact that Stagecoach is proposing timetable changes to bus services including those covering the Black Isle, with a ridiculously short consultation period ending this Friday 25 November at 12 noon.  You can find general information, links to the draft new timetables, and contact details for response to the consultation here.

If confirmed, the changes proposed will take effect from 9 January.  There are likely to be further changes in April 2017, when new service contracts will start.
These are the Black Isle routes affected, with direct links to the draft timetables:

(21   Dingwall - Culbokie - Cromarty)
                        No information
25   Inverness - Invergordon - Tain
                        See below
(26   Inverness - North Kessock - Cromarty )
                        No change
27   Inverness - Conon Bridge - Dingwall - Contin
                        Minor timetable changes

Changes to 25* services

25 25A 25B Inverness – Tain
Service 25A has been renumbered 25 and altered to run via Conon Bridge and Dingwall providing an enhanced service between Dingwall, Evanton, Alness and Invergordon.
Service 25B has been incorporated into Service 25. Evanton will be served by an improved Service 25X to and from Inverness.

25E/25X Inverness – Tain
Service will operate every 30 minutes between Inverness and Invergordon with hourly extentions to Tain.
Every hour, one Service 25X will operate via Evanton which will improve links to Easter Ross destinations.

Contact information:

Please forward any feedback you have to - nscotmarketing@stagecoachbus.com  
Alternatively,  you can post it to us  at the following address:

For Inverness and Easter Ross/Tain feedback please post
FAO Philip Prestwood, Stagecoach Inverness, Farraline Park, Inverness, IV1 1LT


Local bus timetables 

Most as from 23 November 2015 (see below).

Please note that changes to service 22  Inverness - Culbokie - Cromarty came into effect from 5 January 2016.  The main change is the extension of the service to Dingwall and Evanton on Saturdays.  The updated timetable is available via the link below.  (Note that the second 22 Inverness-Culbokie Monday-Friday service, marked Sch b, starts from outside Tisos at 07.34).

Services  21, 22, 22A, 121, 122  Dingwall, Inverness, Culbokie, Resolis, Cromarty.

Some of the routes in this timetable are 'demand responsive'.   The routes are colour-coded, and information about them is provided in similarly colour-coded panels.  You may need to zoom in to read this information.  The general information about these routes given in the timetable is:

To book a journey telephone 01463 258934. Bookings must be made Monday
to Friday between the hours of 0900 and 1600. Any booking can be made up
to 1600 the day before intended travel.

On journeys which are demand responsive, buses may pass timing points up to
5 minutes  later than shown.

The 'demand-responsive' 21 Dingwall-Cromarty service on Tuesdays and Thursdays runs according to the timetable between Dingwall and Culbokie, and between Culbokie and Cromarty the route will vary according to demand.

This is not a 'dial-a-bus' service as operates in various parts of the highlands, usually provided under contract by a private taxi or minibus operator.  There are no 'dial-a-bus' services on the Black Isle.

Services  23, 26, 26A, 26B, 26C, 26D  Inverness, North Kessock, Avoch, Fortrose, Rosemarkie, Cromarty.
Depending on your broadband speed, this timetable may take a very long time to appear, probably because it includes a detailed map.  If you want to refer to it frequently, you should download it as a .pdf file to a convenient location on your computer, and subsequently access it from there.  This file is over 3 Mb.

Services  27, 27A, 28, 28A, 28B, 28D  Inverness, Kirkhill, Kiltarlity, Beauly, Conon Bridge, Maryburgh, Dingwall, Strathpeffer, Contin.

Services  25, 25A, 25B, 25C, 25X  Inverness, Dingwall, Evanton, Alness, Invergordon, Tain, Dornoch.

Services  17, 19, 19A, 19B, 19C, 40, 919  Inverness, Dochgarroch, Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit, Cannich, Tomich, Urquhart Castle, Fort Augustus, Fort William.

Stagecoach timetables main site

Traveline Scotland provides information about all Stagecoach Highland services and all Scottish bus operators.  Unfortunately most people will find the Traveline timetables difficult to read because of the small size of the type.  Stagecoach timetables are better.

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