TBI beyond 2015

'Setting a course for our future'  Sunday 13 September

Tore Village Hall  9.30 - 4.00      (See calendar entry for more details and directions).

This is an important event for TBI, giving members an opportunity to reflect on the objectives of TBI, how these fit in with the objectives and activities of the wider Transition movement, and how they can best be achieved.

These are the objectives of TBI, to which all members sign their agreement when they complete the membership application form:

(a)  to raise awareness of the issues associated with the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change and the consequent need to develop a low carbon, sustainable future through ethical, social, cultural, economic, environmental and community action;
(b)  to promote, encourage and support the development of education and research concerning areas affected by resource depletion;
(c)  to support and encourage local action on Peak Oil and Climate Change.

One of the functions of the September review might be to consider whether these objectives need to be changed or clarified.  What do we mean, for example, by "local action on Peak Oil and Climate Change"?  Should the objectives refer specifically to encouraging the local growing and marketing of fresh and healthy food, which is one of TBI's particular interests?

For an overview of the Transition movement by one of its founders and a leading light in its development, read this article written by Rob Hopkins on the occasion of the publication of his second book 'The Transition Companion' in 2011.  His first book, 'The Transition Handbook', became the 'bible' of the Transition movement.  His latest book is 'The Power of Just Doing Stuff' (2013).  All are published by Green Books, and you can get more information here about these and other books on green issues.  Reading any of these books would be an excellent way for TBI members to prepare to contribute productively to our Reflections and Review day in September.  'The Transition Handbook' and 'The Transition Companion' are unfortunately both now out of print, but TBI has a number of copies of The Transition Handbook for sale or available for borrowing.  Email  Anne at info@transitionblackisle.org  for how to buy or borrow.

Ideas from the other end of the country

In response to an email sent to Transition Penwith  (West Cornwall) with an enquiry as to how they manage running a Transition group in a widespread area - similar in some ways to the Black Isle but with more big centres - we received a most interesting response with an obvious bearing on our discussions about the future of TBI.  See the questions and replies here.

A thought from Al Gore's  'An Inconvenient Truth':

The Chinese word for 'crisis' consists of two characters, one of which means 'danger' and the other 'opportunity'.  The Transition movement sees the dangers of Peak Oil and Climate Change as an opportunity to develop new ways of living and to work towards the transition to a saner and more sustainable world.

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