Cuadrilla to re-start fracking in Lancashire

10 July 2019

The Guardian        Thursday 11 Jul 2019 
Jillian Ambrose      Energy correspondent

"The first company to drill for shale gas in the UK plans to restart fracking at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire in a last-ditch effort to convince policymakers to relax safety rules.

"Cuadrilla will drill a second well near Blackpool after it was forced to abandon the first, which caused multiple earth tremors.  It plans to remobilise its drilling and fracking equipment within the coming months to test gas flows from the site before its permission expires in November.

"Francis Egan, the company’s chief executive, plans to use the data to convince the government and regulators to loosen the safety rules that have slowed the progress of the UK shale industry.

"He said the work could help to make a case for the UK’s controversial shale ambitions by proving that the Bowland Shale region offers a “hugely exciting opportunity for the UK”..   .   .   .   .   .   .

"Jamie Peters, a campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: “Fundamentally, at a time when the government have declared a climate emergency, the last thing we should be doing is starting an industry that extracts gas — a fossil fuel, along with coal and oil, that should be left where it is.

“Fracking just isn’t viable and investment in renewables and energy efficiency is clearly the answer.”

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