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The Black Isle is a rural, sparsely-populated area and many residents live a distance from public transport. Therefore, the Million Miles project is also helping drivers get as many miles from a tank of fuel as possible. If an average driver adopts more efficient techniques then they can reduce fuel usage, motoring costs and carbon pollution by 5-10%.

The Energy Saving Trust offers subsidised one-to-one training sessions that provide drivers with personalised advice on fuel efficiency. The recommendations are based on current driving style, which is a fantastic way to get tailored advice. Sessions are offered for free to members of Transition Black Isle. Since the start of the Million Miles project, we’ve held fuel efficiency training in Muir of Ord, North Kessock, Cromarty and Culbokie.

On one of the fuel efficiency efficiency training sessions, a qualified instructor takes you out in their car for a 50 minute session consisting of three laps: the first lap without any advice, the second includes instruction on driving more efficiently and the final lap measures the improvement in fuel economy. The advice is extremely useful as it is tailored to your driving style.

We have had 47 drivers complete the training so far. The average improvement in fuel economy between the first and last session is 16%, but the biggest saving we have had to date is around 50%! The projected savings based on the annual mileage declared by the drivers are estimated to be around £265 and 480kg of carbon pollution a year.

Download our case study to see how fuel efficiency helps save cash.

Our next fuel efficient driving session is on Saturday 25th October at the Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose. For insurance purposes, drivers must book their sessions. Please contact us at for more information.

Fuel efficient driving Fortrose October 2014

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