Bikes on buses
David Franklin
Posted 15/4/2013 09:10 (#1249)
Subject: Bikes on buses


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New bus mounted bike racks go live live today on Black isle bus route

This service was already being used on the bus i saw this morning.

Please share your or others experiences of this service.
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Anne Thomas
Posted 29/4/2013 21:16 (#1254 - in reply to #1249)
Subject: Re: Bikes on buses

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We tried out the racks at the bike fest. It's only the 26C. There are only 3 racks per bus rather than 4 as we were told, which is a shame, but they look fairly sturdy. You have to put your own bike on in case the driver drops it but the driver is supposed to make sure they are secure. They are quite high but I did manage to get my electric bike, (which is quite heavy) on successfully (minus battery) and it was much easier than trying to get it on a rack on the top of a car. The driver also saw no difficulty with children's tag on bikes or reclining bikes. You can book bikes 3 hours in advance Monday to Friday 9-4pm. Otherwise you can just chance it
You can get timetables with little bike symbols on the Cromarty bus section but this version doesn't seem to be up on the web yet, but I think this is the latest timetable otherwise,%2026,%2...
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Posted 1/5/2013 22:33 (#1257 - in reply to #1254)
Subject: Re: Bikes on buses


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I don't think it's just the 26C, I think it's pretty much all buses between Cromarty and Inverness, i.e. 26A and 26B too.
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