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Anne Thomas
Posted 22/8/2010 14:48 (#314)
Subject: Electric Bike

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If you want to be really green swap the car for an electric bike (or just use it as an alternative so you use the car less often). Those of us who are medically or otherwise unable to cycle that far can extend biking ease and distance we can manage considerably with electrical assistance. You just charge it up overnight or for a short distance less time and then it provides about the same assistance as another person on the bike. You can choose to peddle as much as you feel like; the more you peddle the faster you go but can also use a throttle and not peddle at all. It's virtually silent, so you can zoom up hill past super fit cyclists in all the the gear with ease and watch their quizzical expression or thoroughly annoy the rest of the family as you overtake on hills!
For more information contact anne.katherine.thomas@googlemail.com
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David Franklin
Posted 27/8/2010 15:42 (#322 - in reply to #314)
Subject: RE: Electric Bike


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I would like to add That there is also the Cycle to work scheme that your employer can sign up for that will cover up to 50% of the cost on Cycles under £1000. More details here.
But as well as buying new it is also possible to retro fit your old bike.

For those less steady on 2 wheels, why not try three
2 UK based companies

Also if you are thinking about going car free there are plenty cargo bike solutions
these are just three
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Anne Thomas
Posted 1/6/2012 01:02 (#1004 - in reply to #314)
Subject: Re: Electric Bike

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Six people tried out my electric bike at North Kessock Market on Saturday and several people showed a lot of interest. It definitely is a good solution for those who are put off by the hills or have a difficulty which has put them off riding an ordinary bike.
I reckon I am probably cycling about 50 miles a week now and I put the bike on the train to Nairn probably twice a week, so that's a lot of car miles saved. I still can't cycle any distance on a push bike without suffering knee pain.
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