SCCAN MP/MSP Engagement Peer to Peer support group – Land Reform

26 October 2022, Starts: 18:30, Ends: 19:30

Wednesday 26 October  6.30 - 7.30   online

If you're looking for support in taking action, come to one of our MP/MSP engagement group sessions.  Each session focuses on a particular topic and provides a space to share information and tactics that can help in making your correspondence targeted and effective.

The topic for this session will be land reform and sustainable land use. We will be tying in with the current consultation on the next Land Reform Bill, which can be found here .  Even if you have no experience of engaging with your elected representatives, come along to share ideas and knowledge, and be part of a collective campaign.

Topics for discussion

-how to use the land for the benefit of society not just those who own it (eg sustainable agriculture, management of sporting estates such as deer & grouse); 

-how we define sustainable land use; 

-how we support communities in becoming involved with / connected to the land, both from a practical perspective (community right to buy) and from the perspective of engagement (getting people involved in community gardening, or even just understanding that their garden or window box can be part of sustainable land use). 

-who has the right / means to buy - so some of the measures being proposed in the Bill are making large land sales be subject to a public interest test. 

Email  to request a joining link


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