Transition Summit - A Society where Imagination flourishes

12 March 2021, Starts: 19:00, Ends: 21:00

Naomi Klein once said that "there are no non-radical solutions left'. A zero carbon, resilient, connected, equal, just and diverse future could, if we can learn to work better together as the movements trying to create it, be so much better than the present.

In this final session, hosts Rob Hopkins and Rhiannon Colvin will be joined by three guests who are all fantastic at shining a light on the future we want and empowering people to experience that, whether through activism, storytelling or their ability to bring alive big ideas. Mia Birdsong is a pathfinder, community curator, and storyteller who campaigns with low income communities for a Universal Basic Income, Kate Raworth is the creator of the concept of Doughnut Economics, and Carne Ross is the author of ‘The Leaderless Revolution’.

As well as hearing their thinking, you will also be able to discuss and explore with them, and will, by the end, feel inspired to better tell the stories of the future you long for. Join us for this unmissable session as we assemble the principles and tools that reimagining the world will need. Delicious!

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