2018 Take 1 Action Film Festival

24 November 2018

Since 2008, Take One Action Film Festivals have engaged tens of thousands of people with hundreds of world-class films, showcasing inspiring stories that explore issues of global concern.

Our screenings and events bring together communities, filmmakers, politicians, journalists, campaigners, businesses, academics and artists – united by the simple desire to connect around common stories and shape their unfolding for the greater good.

Come, take part, be inspired!

Today's films                           View the full programme.

The Cloud Forest | 14:30  (Ages 8+)
Monica Alvarez Franco | Mexico | 2017 | 94min | Spanish with English Subtitles

Can small people, in small places, doing small things, change the world? 
One of Mexico’s most remarkable ecosystems, the cloud forest, is under 
threat from coffee plantations, cattle grazing and a growing human 
population. To protect this unique habitat, the people of Veracruz take it 
upon themselves to “be the change.”

This gentle documentary offers an inspiring portrait of a community 
grappling with restructuring their entire culture, from the food they grow 
to their children’s education, radically redefining their relationship with 
nature – and each other – along the way.

Join us after the film as we explore community resilience.
PLUS SHORT: Plantae (Guilherme Gehr | Brazil | 2017 | 10min 

The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid | 17:00  (Ages 8+)
Feargal Ward | Ireland | 2017 | 77min | English

A soft-spoken Kildare cattle farmer embarks on a reluctant battle 
for land rights in this beguiling, lyrical documentary. 

Thomas Reid’s neighbour, U.S. microchip manufacturer Intel, has its eye 
on his land. Despite mounting pressure from Intel and the Irish authorities, 
the farmer refuses to leave his ancestral home.  Faced with a compulsory 
purchase order, he takes his fight against eviction all the way to Ireland’s 
High Court – proving an unlikely David in this fight against a mighty Goliath.

Join us after the film as we explore who owns the land – in Scotland and 

Silas | 19:30  (Ages 12+)
Anjali Nayar, Hawa Essuman | Canada, South Africa, Kenya | 2017 | 80min | English

“When they tear down the trees and strip the land, they tear down our 
people and strip away their lives.”

Spanning seven tumultuous years in the life of its protagonist, Liberian 
activist Silas Siakor, this is a global tale highlighting the links between 
private companies, government and environmental abuse. As Silas’s 
battle to expose and crush environmental destruction gains momentum, 
it emboldens entire communities to seize back control of their lands and 
grow a new generation of resistance.

Join us after the film for inspiring conversations and opportunities for 
creative, effective personal action.



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