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Nobel Prize Summit - 'Our Planet, Our Future'

27 April 2021

Starts: 18:00
Ends: 22:30

Our Planet, Our Future

Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 April 2021    virtual event

What can we achieve together in this decade to put the world on a path to a more sustainable, more prosperous future for all?

Inspired by Alfred Nobel’s belief in celebrating achievements that contribute “the greatest benefit to humankind,” the Nobel Foundation, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research/Stockholm Resilience Centre invite you to engage in an optimistic exploration of the best version of our collective future.

The first Nobel Prize Summit will convene talks from Nobel laureates and conversations among experts from the science, policy, arts, and youth activist communities. It will bring together the world’s brightest and most creative thinkers to focus on three key areas critical to the future of humanity:

  • Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss
  • Reducing Inequality
  • Technologies with the Power to Transform the Way We Live and Work

Our future depends on our collective ability to become effective stewards of the global commons – the climate, ice, land, ocean, freshwater, forests, soils and rich diversity of life.


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Note that the times on the programme are US Eastern (Daylight) Time, which is 5 hours behind British Summer Time, so that a programme start time of 1.00 means 6.00 for us.

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