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Transition Summit - Connecting the Threads

19 March 2021

Starts: 19:00
Ends: 21:00

Connecting the threads

7.00 - 9.00

Join us for a fun Friday evening to get to know each other better, reflect on the summit so far, and connect community led movements with the bigger picture of change happening in the UK.

We will kick off the evening with some 'speed mating' because hey its a Friday night during lockdown and its nice to have the chance to build relationships and get to know other summit participants a bit better.

We will then be joined by Andrew Simms, author, analyst and co-director of the New Weather Institute and a panel of keynote listeners to help us reflect upon the common themes and threads that have been emerging throughout the summit, and understand what steps we might take next in the context of 'rapid transition' and the wider political and progressive landscape in the UK.

Joining link

Full information for this week    from Transition Network.

To connect, discuss and carry on conversations on this topic after this session join this group.

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The Future Speaks - Highlands & Islands

19 March 2021

Starts: 17:00
Ends: 18:30

by Teach the Future & Fridays For Future Scotland 

Friday 19 March         5.00 - 6.30

An online panel discussion on the climate and ecological emergency between Highlands & Islands high school students, MPs and MSPs.

About this Event

96% of 18-24 year olds in Scotland are concerned about the escalating climate crisis according to the 2020 Ipsos MORI survey.  How can we give voice to those concerns?

‘The Future Speaks’ will provide an open forum for young people, the group most harmed by climate and ecological dangers, to constructively engage with elected representatives on this most important issue. 

In this event leading up to COP26 and the Holyrood elections, local students will ask sitting Highlands & Islands MPs and candidate MSPs questions relating to climate change obligations, education, and action. The panel will include representatives from all major Scottish parties including Ariane Burgess MSP candidate (Scottish Greens), Maree Todd MSP (Scottish National Party), Beatrice Wishart MSP (Scottish Liberal Democrats), and more to be announced!

This event is organised by Teach the Future and Fridays For Future Scotland with support from Learning for Sustainability, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, The Scottish Mathematical Council, Geobus, The Institute of Physics, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.