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Transition Summit - Pop-up 2030: Imagine and Build the Future

13 March 2021

Starts: 10:00
Ends: 17:00

Join us for a remarkable day of time travel, radical imagination, storytelling and connection. We won’t tell you too much about it right now as we want it to be a surprise, but what if you were able to take part in an event where we were able to really experience how the future would be if all came together to achieve our aims, and we were to actually able to create a sustainable, just, equal, diverse future that we all long for?

As the poet Rilke once wrote, “the future must enter into you a long time before it happens”. We will dream that future alive, and then tell the story of how we did it. How did we learn to work together? How did we build better movements? What did we learn?

Expect a day that will take you on an adventure into the future, in a way that is playful, theatrical, connecting and fun, but will also help you think about the practical steps we need to take to make that future possible. If you’re looking for one day in 2021 that will hugely deepen your understanding of the work you do and how you do it, you just found it.

If you would like to attend the ‘Pop Up 2030 event’ you need to apply through this separate application form. This is because it is a special event with high participation and commitment to the whole day is required as places are limited.

To connect, discuss and carry on conversations on this topic after this session join this group.

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