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'Economics for Activists' 5 - Nancy Folbre

09 March 2021

Starts: 19:30
Ends: 21:00

Tuesday 9 March      7.30 - 9.00         by Zoom

The fifth 'Economics for Activists' session with acclaimed feminist economist Nancy Folbre on care, intersectionality and the economy

Nancy Folbre will present a view of economics from a feminist perspective, with a focus on the care economy - unpaid and paid care provision. She’ll help us think about the important economic contributions made by families and communities and the failure to measure them properly; and the shortcomings of the standard “business model” based on profit maximization and consumer choice for care services through the market.

She is Director of the Program on Gender and Care Work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is the author of a number of books including:

  • The Rise and Decline of Patriarchal Systems: An Intersectional Political Economy
  • Greed, Lust, and Gender: A History of Economic Ideas
  • Valuing Children: Rethinking the Economics of the Family
  • The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values



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Transition summit - What if... Barrow's New Constellation

09 March 2021

Starts: 09:30
Ends: 12:00

Tuesday 9 March     9.30 am - 12.00

Join us for an adventure into the future to learn about a first-of-its-kind creative process that took place in Barrow to help the community dream and tell a new, transformative story for the town. Hear from members of the community in Barrow about their journey to discover the borough’s very own new constellation – a set of principles or guideposts to orient towards in pursuit of a brighter future.

Chaired by: Gemma Mortensen and Jo Barratt. Guests: Sarah Jackson, Tom Lowes, Natalie Chapples and Sam Plum

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We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.