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Transition Scotland / SCCAN online event

09 January 2021

Starts: 09:30
Ends: 12:30

Join Transition Scotland Gathering

Saturday 9 January      9.30 - 12.30       online

A free online gathering for members of Scottish Transition groups and all those who identify with the Transition spirit, hosted by Transition Scotland Hub through SCCAN.

Following on from the successful Transition Scotland gatherings in previous years in St Andrews, the Black Isle, and Dunbar, this year we're online, but hopefully with same levels of inspiration, sharing, and fun!

Time to connect with new friends and old, take stock and share what is happening at the grass roots for climate and sustainability activists across Scotland. Share opportunities and challenges, and dream of what our future holds.

We'll also explore new resources around What if? developed by Rob Hopkins and Transition Network through the Bounce Forward project which may prove very useful for all community groups in these rapidly changing times.

Plenty of interaction, small group conversations, creativity + breaks!

Book: https://ts9jan.eventbrite.co.uk

Draft timetable

  • 9.30 - Welcome and Introductions10.00 - Breakout reflection on What Is happening across Scotland today
  • 10.30 - Break / mingling
  • 10.50 - What If? Introduction - trying out new visioning resources
  • 11.45 - Break
  • 12.00 - What next for Transition Scotland Hub? How can we help?12.30 - Close

Additional links - Plenty of interesting work and opportunities are coming out of the Bounce Forward project at the moment:

What Is? webinar recordings on What Is? - the changing context for Transition with Covid, Black Lives Matter etc, and what opportunities are arising?


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Scotland's Climate Assembly weekend three

09 January 2021

Weekend three    9 & 10 January

Weekend Three of Scotland's Climate Assembly, and the first of our meetings in 2021, takes place on the 9th and 10th January.  Weekends 3 and 4 will divide their deliberations over three streams: Work & Travel, Home & Communities and Diet & Lifestyle. This coming weekend will address diverse issues under the broad themes of Homes, Travel and Diet & Land use

The weekend will begin by asking, what is effective change? With help from Forum for the Future, Members will then think about a number of pathways for making that change.  Once settled in their streams, members will hear about the central challenges of that theme, building on the introductions they heard in Weekend Two. A number of 'advocates' will then present policy options they suggest could address each of those challenges. The weekend ends with deliberation. 

Watch alongside the Members  

Video of each presentation made to the Assembly will go live on our YouTube channel throughout the weekend. All videos from weekends one and two are available to explore on our website and YouTube channel. 

You can see videos of the talks given to weekend three here .



We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.