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Formed in 2009, Transition Black Isle now has more than 130 active members in communities across the peninsula. We also have constructive links with a wide range of individuals and groups locally and further afield.

We're not about griping at Governments and councils about the woes of the world and expecting everyone else to fix them. Transition means getting together with others to create more self-reliant communities, through activities such as growing food, reusing and recycling, cutting energy use, learning practical skills and arts and crafts.

All industrialised countries appear to operate on the assumption that our high levels of energy consumption, our high carbon emissions and our massive environmental impact can go on indefinitely. At the heart of Transition is a vision of a fairer, more co-operative future, where ecological resilience and social justice are prized above political expediency and blinkered,  short-term thinking.

Peak oil, climate change and a chronically crippled economy are already having a major impact on our lives. The absurdity of clinging to an economic system based on the illogical premise of endless economic growth on a finite planet becomes ever more apparent. As the gap between rich and poor yawns wider than ever, resources are gobbled up to produce more and more goods destined for landfill.  The rate of extinctions accelerates as habitats are destroyed in the dash for resources, with the seabed under the melting ice caps and the deepest ocean floors now catching the eye of oil prospectors and miners. 

Rather than losing heart and colluding in these suicidal spirals, Transition Black Isle members are working to develop projects which will make our communities better fit to face the future.

Past projects have included a local eating scheme, growing training and setting up community gardens and markets.  Our highly successful Million Miles Project ,which had as its objective reducing car use on the Black Isle by 1% and encouraging cycling, lift-sharing and greater use of public transport, has recently concluded. 

Transition Black Isle has brought more than £300,000 into the area, much of it through the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund. Transition Black Isle provides local employment and work experience opportunities, as well as being supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.

We work constructively with Highland Council and politicians of all hues, as well as with a range of businesses and local and national non-governmental organisations.

We continue to work in partnership to develop sustainable initiatives including community gardens at Loch na Mhoid near Muir of Ord and at Culbokie, markets at Cromarty, Ferintosh, and North Kessock, and a dynamic programme of films, talks, and training events.

Ever wondered how TBI is organised? Well here's a chart to show it all. We are very aware that, once a member joins, it's not always easy to get involved in any projects or activities and that's not good. So if you have any suggestions as to ways to overcome this we would very much welcome them.
We have, on earlier occasions, had informal social evenings in a pub or similar but it doesn't always feel very constructive in what it achieves. Maybe having a big litter day around the Black Isle would appeal. Do please let us have any of your ideas.

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We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.